B’Flow Ft. President Obama – Dear Mama

Lyrics  Dear Mama – B

. intro

Reporter : “Mr President, out of all the
artists in the world, why did you choose to
endorse B’Flow?”
B’Flow: “Why me?”

President Obama: “So that you’re able to
continue the great work that you’re already
doing, but take it to the next level”,(K-Amy
“That’s what uh Brian Bwembya of Zambia
plans to do, where’s Brian? Where’s he?
There he is right there”.
B’Flow: “Hehehehe Thank you, Thank you
Mr President”


Dear Mama
I’m chilling wit Obama
And he’s telling he’s proud of me
Oh Mama
I’m dining with kings and queens
And I wish you were here with me
Mama you di genesis of my story
Why should you be absent in victory
Mama you di genesis of my story
But why should you be absent in victory
Oh oh oh oh…..


So Brian uses music to advocate against
things like Gender Based violence and to
educate youth on HIV/AIDS..
Oh oh oh oh


Mama remember all di struggles
back in Kabwe
But ya told me blessings will com my way
I promised ya
me ago work a

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